The Singular Eye: The Fine Art Photography of Peter Pasivirta

Singular images, through the eyes of Peter Pasivirta, who in the past worked exclusively in black and white. The Canadian landscape re-examined with a new vision, a fresh look, a colour palette of sometimes subdued colours, somehow still reminiscent of monochromatic images of his past. All at the same time, Peter's images are evocative of something other than the subject at hand. Memories come to life, zooming in and out of one’s mind, dream-like. Visuals are brought to life by a palette of the inner self, collected by years of observation, unconsciously, effortlessly. Using a medium that has been rendered rather banal, Peter's images draw one away from the ordinary use of this craft, to see the unusual. Finding scenes of utter beauty often in ordinary city scenes and in nature's glorious reflections of its maker. Although not intentional, his art has a painterly quality, drawing regular comments such as; “Is it a painting?”, or ”Did you paint that?” Peter was born in Helsinki, Finland, and now makes Vancouver, British Columbia his home.